Unique solutions

Have you seen something interesting that you would like to try to incorporate in your home?  Do you think these projects are out of your reach or range of skills?  Let us take a look and give you an estimate.  We specialize in building things that you don't see every day

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We offer complete remodel services including basic style updates, complete layout changes and room additions

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We offer Handyman services for both residential and commercial real estate customers.  Our rates are fair and will help you get the little things around your home fixed at a reasonable rate

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Why let another company makeover your space, when we can help you make it EPIC?

Epic Home Improvement takes your imagination and makes it a reality.  If you can think of an idea, we can make a practical application for your home at a reasonable price.  Our customers like our outside the box thinking because our end results are something unique that they can be proud of.  We are not like other companies who just try to fix something or regurgitate something they saw on TV.  We provide something unique that you can enjoy every day.

We have years of experience solving problems for our customers.  How often have you heard something can't be done by another contractor?  We have yet to find something we could not accomplish.